Routine Upkeep

Preventative maintenance helps to reduce your utility bills, regardless of the age of your system and it improves your comfort all while helping your unit last longer. We provide annual and semi-annual maintenance plans. We do have limited availability for maintenance clients so be sure to get on a plan as soon as possible.

The best way to avoid breakdowns to have at least an annual check up. An air conditioner is just like a car. Would you drive your brand new car 90,000 miles before you change the oil? Rough estimates compare A/C usage to about 30,000 miles a year compared to a commuter vehicle.

Common issues found during a maintenance visit:

  • Drain lines clogged
  • Weak capcitors
  • Lown on freon/refrigerant leaks
  • Dirty air filter
  • Dirty evaporator coil
  • Dirty condenser coil

AairCo will always give advice and recommendations to optimize your system.

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