Air Conditioning Repair and Service


An air conditioning problem in can be an immediate cause for stress. We offer 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency repair services for just this reason. Our expert technicians have years of experience successfully repairing and replacing air conditioners.

Signs You May Need an A/C Repair

  • No cold air- If your A/C is not blowing cold air, first try turning your system off for a few hours. When you switch your system back on, check to see if it is still blowing warm or room temperature air.
  • Strange sounds- If you notice unusual sounds, that could mean something is wrong inside your A/C unit.
  • Odd smells Foul smells are never a good sign, especially when it’s coming from your home’s A/C system.
  • Poor air pressure- Have you noticed that the air pressure in your home is low? When your air pressure has slowed down and the cool air just isn’t covering your entire home, your air vents and compressor will need to be checked. If your vents or ducts are clogged by debris or dust, you may also have an indoor air quality
  • Water leak- If there is water leaking from your A/C system, try changing out your filters. If this doesn’t do the trick, you most likely have a larger issue on your hands – perhaps with the condensate drain.

Flat Rate Pricing

No labor charges, you only pay for parts. Service call includes trip charge and time to diagnose your system. AairCo cares about our customers. We give you all the information and let the client make a decision that is best for them. No high-pressure sales, just great service.

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